WOW! See how staging transforms this house!
February 5, 2018 | Moore Related

One of the first questions we get from home sellers is, “what do I need to do to get ready to list my house?”

Often times the answer is, “stage it.” In the old days, people thought of staging homes only in the big cities like L.A. and NYC. But these days, it’s an affordable option to most home sellers, and the payoff can be big. 

“Not only have we seen staged homes sell quicker, but many times they get a higher price,” says Mary Ellen Maloney, REALTOR with The Moore Company in Columbia, S.C. 


The Shandon bungalow pictured above sold last year, but not until we encouraged the seller to stage it. When we first listed, the seller didn’t want to make the investment in staging, but after it sat on the market for several weeks they had a change of heart. And wow, what a difference!  

“Buyers, by and large, have a tough time seeing a home’s full potential,” explained Elizabeth Ferguson, REALTOR with The Moore Company, “but if a house is staged with the help of your agent, a buyer starts to realize herself in the space.”

And it’s not that expensive, says Terri Irivin, also a REALTOR with The Moore Company. 

“Most of the time a home seller doesn’t have to spend that much money to get their house looking its best,” Irvin said. “$750 – $1,250 can go a long way.”

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