War Mouth bar & grille: Review
March 18, 2016 | Cottontown, Earlewood, Elmwood Park, Restaurants, Reviews

If you haven’t been to The War Mouth bar and grill yet, you need to go. It’s Southern, it’s laidback, and it’s damn good.

Located in Cottontown in the up-and-coming North Main section of Columbia, South Carolina, The War Mouth is a topnotch addition to the city’s culinary scene. The owners transformed an old auto garage into a full bar and restaurant that’s unlike any other space around Columbia. The menu isn’t packed with tons of options, but that’s OK. Sometimes it’s better not to be overwhelmed. The food is traditionally southern, but it’s not Cracker Barrel southern. It’s more upscale, and there’s great attention given to flavor and presentation.

Potted ham & Ritz & SaltinesFrom the deviled eggs appetizer – and yes, they’re better than your mom’s (maybe not better, but definitely as good) – to the curried quail and dumplings, there’s something for just about any foodie. Pictured is the potted ham with Ritz Crackers and Saltines. A tad salty, but still tasty.

The chicken bog and vegetable purlooThe chicken bog and vegetable purloowere table favorites, but so was all of it, including the vegetable soup appetizer. Their mustard-fried venison is slap-your-grandma good. (Southern food requires southern jargon.)

The cocktails are good, too. The French 75 was a personal favorite. Local beer and good wines are also available. Entrees are around $15-20/piece.

The interior is what you expect with lots of rustic finishes including a large sliding garage door on the front that will be awesome when the Carolina springtime rolls around. An outdoor area will feature, we hear, a smoke pit which will add more to the menu.

Unless you live in Cottontown or the Elmwood Park/Earlewood area, you’re going to need to drive (or Uber … especially if you’re going to imbibe). It’ll be a hit, for sure, especially as the North Main area continues to grow and develop. The huge Bull Street redevelopment project is just a couple of blocks away, and we predict The War Mouth will be one of the smart ones who “got in” at just the right time …before development really takes off.

Here’s a toast to The War Mouth for taking a chance on an area that needs more spots like this one…..We’ll be back.


Tue-Sat: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Sun:5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The Moore Company Rating

War Mouth bar & grille

  • Coolness | - 4/5
  • Food | - 4/5
  • Location | - 4/5
  • Rideability/Walkability | - 2/5

Address 1209 Franklin Street, Columbia, S.C., 29201


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