Get the job done right with selling property
May 2, 2016 | Moore Related


When considering listing a property for sale, it’s important to make sure each side is compatible with the other. Having a solid set of expectations and goals up front is crucial to a successful transaction, and The Moore Company agents understand they can’t help everyone every time. That’s why we carefully consider the listings we take. If we don’t think we can help you sell your property, we aren’t going to waste your time telling you we can.

We strive for a 100% “sell” record, but that’s just impossible. However, through careful consideration, proper pricing and skilled marketing, The Moore Company can usually get the job done.


Price sells property. Period. Even the world’s best marketer doesn’t stand a chance if they can’t properly price a piece of real estate. After the Great Recession, buyers are smarter than ever. Big Data (all of the information collected online) is helping educate consumers like never before. People want a deal, and most of today’s buyers are savvy enough — thanks in large part to online data — to sniff out an overpriced home.

The Moore Company’s philosophy is simple:

Price your home according to what the market will deliver. The value of your home isn’t based on what you think it’s worth, what an agent thinks it’s worth, what you’ve spent upgrading it, what the tax records say or any of the other 100s of reasons for overpricing a home. A home is worth what the market data supports. Our agents are trained to perform comprehensive market analyses to help you understand your home’s value. We study and monitor market trends around the Greater Columbia Metropolitan Area on a daily basis so that we can help you make the best possible decisions. You should run as fast as possible from any agent who suggests padding the price of your property to “leave room to negotiate down.” Overpricing hurts a seller’s chance of quickly selling their home. You may see higher “list price to sell price” ratios, but be sure to read the fine print. Our numbers are run based on the originallisting price to final sales price, not from the final listing price to final sales price. And finally, just as detrimental as overpricing is underpricing a home. The last thing any home seller wants to do is, as they say, leave money on the table.