Fireflies Stadium Glows During Opening Weekend w/ Tebow
April 10, 2017 | BullStreet, Columbia Scoop, Cottontown, Earlewood, Elmwood Park, Learn the Area

The Columbia Fireflies’ stadium was aglow as they kicked off their home opener this past weekend with its all-star Tim Tebow in the outfield. Spirit Communications Park was as vibrant as the team’s mascot as families and friends gathered from all over to cheer the team to victory.

Not a fan of baseball? No problem, because you can find fun for the entire family at these events. The game is much more than a competition between two teams; it is also a place to host birthday parties, a gathering spot for coworkers, and a beacon of entertainment for the Columbia area. You can even send the young ones over to the Kids Zone, filled with bouncy houses, to blow off some of that energy while you focus on the game.

In between innings the Fireflies staff does a great job of keeping the crowd entertained with their games, trivia, and shout outs. Whether it’s competing on the field in a fierce game of musical chairs or showing off your moves on the “Dance Cam,” the interactions between fans and the team are highlights that everyone enjoys.

If you want to make your experience even more unique, opt for a seat in the “Bojangles Berm,” a grassy area reserved for those who do not want typical stadium seating and would rather bring lawn chairs or picnic blankets to enjoy the game. The area is perfect if you want to give the kids more room to run around, and viewing of the game is supreme.

The food inside… superb. The concession stands are complete with your typical food items such as hot dogs and pizza, but there is so much more. They have popcorn machines, they have stands for funnel cakes & fried Oreos, they have stands for cheesesteaks – they even have a stand that serves barbecue. When you combine these delicious food options with the chance to score half-priced beer when the opposing team gets a strikeout, you know everyone in your family will have a ball.

Opening weekend for the team was a success as they brought in 4 victories against the Green Jackets, and Tim Tebow hit two home runs! We think it’s safe to say that Spirit Communications Park will be the perfect spot to unwind on a warm summer night in Columbia.