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Michel Moore joined The Moore Company in March 2017 after having achieved success as one of the state’s best real estate agents.

Over the past 21 years Michel has built a professional reputation as a detailed adviser for the thousands of clients she’s helped guide. As a full-time agent for 21 years, Michel has learned a lot and firmly believes in making sure her clients understand every part of the real estate process. In the age of part-time digital agents, that makes her a rare find.

“How many part-time business people do you rely on in other aspects of your life?” Michel often asks. “Probably not many.”

But she doesn’t want you to think that longevity is the only ingredient.

“Spending a long time in one job but not having results to prove your worth … well, it’s worthless,” she said.

Outside of her professional duties, Michel is a passionate supporter of the arts and has served on various arts-related boards. She spent many years on the board of The South Carolina Arts Foundation and has also served on the board of Trustus Theatre.

She currently serves on the board of the Columbia Museum of Art which was the recipient of the National Medal for Museum and Library Service. She also gives her time to Healing Icons, an organization devoted to using the arts to help those living with cancer.

Michel helps sellers and buyers throughout midtown Columbia in all neighborhoods and at any price point. She works with everyone from first-time homebuyers to those who sell their houses every few years. She offers in-depth, personalized support from the first moment of contact to the final steps after closing … and beyond.

“No matter how many transactions you do, every one is unique and requires deep focus and attention. And, more importantly, every client is unique. My experience has given me a real gift for matching people to homes, and my commitment to the business means I give a level of service to my clients that most agents outside of our office simply can’t do,” she said.


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